The Surface Vault provides a small secured monitored storage enclosure. Storage options include SmartFob, Key, or Direct Entrapment Key. The Surface Vault products provide a secure, monitored asset position located in a locking enclosure that can be mounted on a wall or other suitable structure. Controlled and monitored by an existing access control system or Security Asset Manager, the vault securely stores a single asset and includes sensors that provide indication of door state and asset presence.

This solution enables remote monitoring and control over a single asset. It fits a wide variety of applications including emergency access and control, on location, for convenience.

• Can connect to access control system, fire panel, SAM, or any device with remotely operated relay that can provide sufficient power.

• Door remains closed until user presses to release.

• Unit locks again if unopened for time out period.

• Door sensor for remote indication of cover open/closed.

• Asset presence sensor for remote indication of asset in/out.

• LED illuminates to indicate when unlocked/access granted.

• Mechanical key override for asset access should power fail.

• No external fasteners to reduce risk of tampering.

• Surface Mount.

Single Key Model

• Direct Entrapment via Interchangeable Core.

Key Ring Model

• Cam Lock, Fob or Direct Entrapment via Interchangeable Core.

• Key Ring allows for up to 15 keys.

• Loose Access Card.

Single Key Model

Key Ring Model

Technical Specifications

Material: 16 gauge stainless steel

Power: From External Source


• LED +5 VDC standard

• Door solenoid 12 VDC standard.

• Door sensor - contact closure

• Asset sensor - contact closure