Overhead Concealed Closer

 Overhead concealed closers provide an aesthetically appealing way to close a door. In situations where a closer is needed but concealment in the frame header is required or desired, the Norton® 7900 closer is the ideal solution for door control. Once installed, only the solid one-piece arm is visible when the door is open; therefore, this unit provides a high degree of vandal resistance. When the door is closed, the closer, arm and slide track are fully concealed. For applications where concealment is required and security is the main concern, the 7970 should be used.

The 7900 overhead closers are best suited for high-profile applications such as office buildings or conference centers. The 7970 security closers offer the necessary concealment and tamper resistance required in detention and psychiatric facilities. Used in conjunction with the door position switch (DPS) they provide the ability to monitor door status remotely.

Closers for exterior (and) interior doors shall be full rack and pinion type with cast aluminum alloy shell. Closers shall be concealed in a 4" (102 mm) high frame header. The slide track shall be concealed in the top rail of the door. Hydraulic fluid shall be non-gumming and non-freezing. (Closer shall be provided with a fireblocking door liner to permit installation in 20-minute wood fire door assemblies.) Closer shall have (four) (five) noncritical valves, hex-key operated, to independently regulate sweep speed, latch speed, backcheck cushioning (and backcheck positioning) (and delayed action closing). [Closers shall be sized units (4 only)]. [Closers shall have power adjustment to permit a 50% increase in power over the minimum closing force for any size.] [Closers shall have multi-sized adjustment for (interior doors)(exterior doors)].

Closer shall conform to Accessibility Code specifications. Degree of stop shall be field adjustable. Slide track shall have a built-in cushioning shock absorber mechanism. (Hold open mechanism shall be capable of release when holding function is not required. Hold open mechanism shall have an adjustable range 85°-110° of door opening and shall release with a manual pressure on the edge of the door in the direction of closer). Closer to be Norton® [Series 7900] [Series 7970] (with Norton® #790 Fire Block). 7970/7970DPS shall be supplied with Torx® lobular drive fasteners having a center security pin.

7970 DPS
Closer to have a door position switch to indicate "Door Open/Door Closed” condition.

  • Power choices: Multi-sized (1-3) and sized (4) available
  • Steel track and slider
  • Polymer slider pads
  • Fully adjustable, multi-point hold open (7900)
  • Shock absorbing door stop
  • Aluminum alloy shell
  • Rack and pinion operation
  • Non-critical valves
  • Adjustable sweep and latch speed
  • Adjustable backcheck cushioning and positioning
  • Torx® screws standard (7970 only)
  • Door Position Switch (DPS) option (7970 only)
    • Delayed action
    • Enhanced backcheck 

    Recommended for interior or exterior doors including:


      •      Office doors
      •      Conference rooms
      •      Banks 


      •      Detention or psychiatric facilities
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    • ANSI/BHMA Grade 1
    • New York City MEA
    • UL Listed
    • Warnock Hersey (790 Fire Block)
    • 10-year limited warranty

Bright Brass

Satin Brass

Dark Oxidized
Satin Bronze,

Bright Chrome

Satin Chrome


Statuary Bronze

Dull Bronze


Medium Amber 


Black Suede
Powder Coat

White Suede
Powder Coat

7900 Documents


Installation Instructions:

7900 Overhead Series

Title Document # Published
 7900-B, 7900-CP, 7900-OP, Non-Hold Open 80-9379-1201-020 May 2014
  790 Fire Block for 7900/7970, NHO only 80-9379-1202-020 May 2014
 7900H-B, 7900H-CP & 7900H-OP, HO 80-9279-1203-020 May 2014
 7970DPS-B & 7970DPS-OP, NHO 80-9379-1601-020 Jun 2014
 7970-B & 7970-OP, NHO 80-9379-1701-020 Jun 2014