7200 Series Electromechanical Closer/Holder

The 7200 Series is a multi-point electromechanical closer/holder that provides flexibility to installers and facility managers.  Shipped standard with selective hold open, the 7200 Series is designed to hold the door open at any point up to 180°.  Available for push or pull side mounting, these units can be ordered with a remote wireless door release.   

Closer for __________ doors shall be electromechanical and completely enclosed in a metal cover. Units shall be surface mounted to the frame face [on the pull (hinge side) on the push (opposite hinge side)] of the door [and shall project no more than 2-5/8" (67mm) from the surface of the frame]. (Closer shall be installed in the header of the frame, and the slide track mortised into the door’s top rail). Closer unit shall be hydraulic, full rack and pinion type with a cast aluminum alloy shell. Hydraulic fluid shall be non-gumming and non-freezing. Closer unit shall have two non-critical valves to independently regulate closing and latch speed. It shall also have an adjustable backcheck with a hex-key. Closer unit shall have spring power adjustment to permit a 50% increase in closing power over the minimum closing force for any size. Electromechanical Closer shall have (Infinite) (Selective) Hold Open (Free Swing Operation) and shall be able to attain a maximum opening of 180° (with hold open to 175°). Unit to be fail safe and must close the door during any electrical power interruption to the unit. (Closer/Holder to be Executive Door Holder/Release with release actuated by battery operated hand-held controller). Unit(s) to operate on (_______VAC, 60Hz) (_________ VDC) and will accept (surface) (concealed) wiring. Amperage draw shall not exceed (.086 Amps for 24VAC/DC) (.051 Amps for 120VAC) units. Supplier to coordinate electrical requirements with electrical and alarm system engineers. Wiring (and conduit) by others. Electromechanical Units to be Norton® Series 7200 (Closer/Holder) (Free Swing Releasing Device), (Executive Door Holder/Release).

Dark Oxidized
Satin Bronze,


Statuary Bronze

Dull Bronze


Black Suede
Powder Coat

White Suede
Powder Coat

Medium Amber


  • Multi-point, electromechanical closer/holder
  • Selectable hold open time standard; infinite hold open can be set in the field by turning the cam
  • Push or pull side mounting
  • Handed
  • Spring sizes 3, 4 or 5 (pull side) and sizes 4, 5 or 6 (push side)
  • Fail Safe
  • Concealed or surface wiring
  • Selective Hold Open (Standard): The door will hold open at any degree of opening beyond a pre-set hold open point, up to 175°, with a maximum allowable door opening of 180° (exception series 7250 at 110°).
  • Infinite Hold Open: The door will hold open at any degree of opening up to 175°, with a maximum allowable door opening of 180° (exception series 7250 at 110°). Can be set in the field by turning cam.
    • Patient rooms
    • Executive offices
    • Material storage rooms
    • Libraries
    • Storage rooms 
    • Input Power: 120VAC or 24VDC
    • Current Draw: Primary Units = < 0.25A, Support Units = <0.1A
    • ANSI/BHMA A156.15 certified
    • Listed by Underwriters Laboratories for labeled fire door
    • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility
    • 2-year limited warranty

7200 Documents

Installation Instructions


7200 Series Electromechanical

Title Document # Published
7210, 7250 (Pull Side), 7220, 7230 (Push Side) Instruction Manual  80-9372-0100-020 Feb 2014
7290MPI, 7290 MPS Overhead Concealed Closer/Holder  80-9372-1071-020 Jan 2014
7290MPI, 7290MPS x 790 Fire Block Concealed Closer/Holder  80-9372-1072-020 Apr 2014