Facial Recognition

Enriching Fixed Video Security with Facial Recognition

AI-powered facial recognition technology, within Avigilon Control Center (ACC), helps you accelerate response times by quickly identifying people of interest. Facial recognition offers the context to make better informed decisions that empower you to respond to events proactively.

Customers using our AI-powered technologies can have a significant impact on society. That’s why we take a more rigorous approach to the application of AI that extends beyond the fundamental tenets of fairness, privacy, understandability and reliability. The use of facial recognition in our technology is ‘assistive’ in that we only use it to assist humans in performing tasks they are already authorized and allowed to do. When applied correctly, AI is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to increase the effectiveness of physical security systems, deliver on business outcomes and improve safety.

Secure Watch Lists

People of interest are identified based on one or more secure watch lists managed by authorized users at your organization. Users can populate and manage multiple watch lists by either adding faces from Appearance Search, uploading reference images, or finding appearances of the person through recorded video. The Identity Retention settings also allow face match events and Appearance Search metadata to be aged out ahead of video if desired.

Robust Controls

Robust controls within Avigilon’s facial recognition technology governs the accessibility and retention of watch list data. Authorized users are able to add, edit, and manipulate watch lists, while also adjusting the retention periods of watch list profiles.

Alarms For Watch List Match Events

Augment watch list(s) with alarms that provide operators greater context for people of interest entering a site. If a watch list match is found, operators can be notified either using the Focus of Attention interface or through ACC™ alarms using armed panels or the alarm view. ACC will display the video image that triggered the alarm and the reference image from the watch list, enabling operators to verify the match and act quickly.

Available For Analytic Cameras and Optimized For H5A Platform Cameras

Avigilon cameras licensed for facial recognition technology have the ability to detect faces. ACC matches the face comparisons to identify potential matches against the configured face watch list(s).

Cameras That Can Be Licensed For Facial Recognition Technology

Licenses can be purchased to enable facial recognition technology for general purpose security systems. This enables deployment across as many cameras as possible, rather than just a limited number of specially-positioned cameras, and helps increase the likelihood of detecting a person of interest.

Easy To Install

Avigilon is the first video management software vendor to add native facial recognition technology that is easy to deploy, highly scalable and affordable. In the future, Avigilon’s facial recognition technology will be further developed with expanded functionalities for greater versatility.