Barrier Free Washroom with Electronic Locking

Barrier Free Restroom Control Kits and Emergency Call Kits are to meet Calgary's building code requirements for universal restrooms with or without automatic door operators. Kits are available with push plate buttons, touchless switches, illuminated buttons, controllers and door operators. Emergency call kits are available with sounders, lights and buttons.

All barrier-free entrances shall be provided with power door operators.

Note:Except a building of residential occupancy where none of the dwelling units are accessible from an interior corridor.Explanation: The Alberta Building Code 2014 and (6) only require certain types and sizes of buildings to have power door operators at the barrier-free entrances. However, all City of Calgary buildings are required to have power door operators for all types and sizes of buildings at barrier-free entrances.


If an entrance has a power door operator, and there is a vestibule immediately inside the doors, the vestibule doors shall also be equipped with a power door operator.  Power door operators shall be installed at 800 mm +/- 50 mm above finished floor, measured to the centre line of the device.  The location of the actuating devices for the power door operators shall conform to the Alberta Building Code 2014 A- 

Explanation: The Alberta Building Code 2014 A- addresses the installation location for power door operators. Actuating devices for power door operators (i.e. push buttons) shall be located such that a wheelchair will not interfere with the operation of the door once it is actuated.

Door release hardware shall be installed not less than 800 mm and not more than 1,100 mm above the finished floor.

Explanation: This ensures a wheelchair user is able to reach door release hardware


Camden's Barrier-Free Restroom Controls & Emergency Call Systems

Camden offers an industry-leading range of packages designed specifically for the control of automatic doors in restroom applications. These kits feature a number of innovative and exclusive products that are not available elsewhere, including the CM-AF500 single gang annunciator (providing 'OWL' signage that is not legible when unit is not lit) CX-33 advanced logic relay (providing exclusive operation modes for restroom control) and Aura™ illuminated push plate switches (that combine 'OWL' annunciation and door activation in one product). 

Camden Door Controls has an extensive range of advanced barrier free restroom control kits that include all the components you need for a complete installation, including relay control, push plate switches, ‘occupied’ and ‘locked’ status annunciation, electric strikes and power supplies. In addition to single door restroom kits using push plate switches, Camden also offers the convenience of restroom kits using touchless switches, and even kits for restrooms with two doors!

Camden Door Controls offers the industry’s largest selection of control, activation and locking products specifically designed for use in any barrier free restroom control application. Each component offers the best quality and performance, backed by the best warranty in the industry.


Trackcess has complete equipment packages, including all control, activation and locking devices, needed to meet emerging code requirements for universal & barrier free restrooms. Every restroom is not the same which means that every barrier free solution requires a custom design. The team at Trackcess will put together a package that meets the city's code requirements while staying inside your budget.