Powered by latest technologies, Akuvox smart residential intercom solution fits in with higher security, convenience and smartization requirements of modern residential living.
● Increase the value of properties
● Allow residents to enjoy smart living
● Offer visitors perfect user experience

System Overview

Solution Features

Facial Recognition Door Entry

The R29C door phone at the building entrance offers AI-powered facial recognition door entry. Your face is your identity. The underlying liveness detection algorithm makes the system hard to be fooled by photos or videos.

Convenient App-based Features

By subscribing to the Akuvox Smart Cloud Intercom services, residents will be able to enjoy rich intercom features from their smartphones, including video calling, remote door unlocking, alarm push notifications and receiving messages from the property management.

Home Automation Integration

The openness of Android enables Akuvox indoor monitors to integrate an application for automated home control. The interoperability enables users to enjoy both home automation services and intercom features right from the indoor monitor.

Elevator Control Integration

Control elevator to allow visitors to access the authorized floor only or send the elevator to a desired floor, such as summoning it to the 1st floor upon door unlocking to provide seamless entry experience.

Community-wide Communication System

Smart intercom is based on SIP, a universal IP communication protocol, allowing communication between any SIP-supporting systems. This offers unlimited communication for residents, visitors, property management, security personnel, service providers, and more.

Home Automation Integration

Akuvox offers on-premise or cloud-based management systems. Both offer remote deployment, operation and maintenance of a large number of devices via a web browser, helping save time and money especially with large installation.

System Structure