In tackling business challenges like enhancing productivity and resource efficiency, smart intercom solutions have come into play, bringing together voice, video, security, access control, and more.
● Greater workplace flexibility for staff
● Lower total cost of ownership
● Excellent visitor experience

System Overview

Solution Features

Convenient App-based Features

Through the Akuvox Vfone app, staffs will be able to enjoy rich intercom features from their smartphones, such as video calling and remote door unlocking, which makes sure they won't miss any visitor even if they are not in office.

Complete Communication System

Smart intercom is based on SIP, allowing communication between any SIP-supporting systems such as the existing phone system. This offers unlimited communication for staffs, visitors, security personnel and service providers.

3rd-party Access Control Integration

M Supporting RS485 and Wiegand, the door phone can work with the existing access control system. Authenticated data will be transferred from the door phone to the access controller already in place for granting door entry. Smart intercom also offers various authentication methods, including swiping RFID cards, inputting personal password, using app, or even through facial recognition, making it very easy for staff to move around in the workplace.

Elevator Control Integration

Control elevator to allow visitors to access the authorized floor only or send an empty elevator to the first floor to pick up an important guest with door unlocking to provide seamless entry experience.

Monitoring Center Integration

With ONVIF support, the video footage of door phones can be streamed by a monitoring center, helping to form a stringent secure working environment with other security cameras.

System Structure